These 4 Habits Are a Sign You’re a Creator

Maneetpaul Singh
2 min readJul 2, 2021


Being a digital creator doesn’t mean posting a ton of content on social media. It’s more about a mindset and personality.

Here are 5 habits that signal you’re a creator at heart:

1) You’re curious about the process, not just the end-result

Creators have a natural curiosity about process. If you find yourself wondering how products are made, or the craft behind different forms of art, it’s a sign that you have an itch to create something of your own.

2) You often find yourself interacting with other doers

Humans have a natural tendency to surround themselves with people that align with their values and beliefs. If you’re surrounded by doers, or find yourself consuming the content of builders, you’re probably one yourself.

3) You frequently find ways to contribute or add value

There are two types of people in the world, consumers and creators. Most of society consumes. If you’re finding ways to contribute or add value to the communities you’re in, it means you’re part of the minority of creators.

4) You work not for the approval of others, but to prove yourself

Creators are motivated by the intrinsic satisfaction of doing work they’re proud of. They work hard because they actively want to, not because somebody tells them to.



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